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Cases in Optimization (OPT) Modeling and Optimization in Service Operations Management (OPT)

General information

Semester WS 2019/20
Home institute Prof. Dr. Jens Brunner - Health Care Operations / Health Information Management
Courses type Vorlesung + Übung in category Teaching
First appointment Wed , 16.10.2019 12:15 - 15:30
Pre-requisites Basic knowledge in operations management (e.g. BSc course “Produktion und Logistik”), basic knowledge in mathematics (including Linear Programming, e.g. BSc course "Mathematik I + II") and in statistics (probability distributions, e.g. BSc courses "Statistik I + II")
Learning organization All course topics are introduced in class by a lecture and tutorials. Students solve assignment-sheets in groups of three and can get assistance by a tutor during the appointments.
Performance record The course is mainly graded by assignments, which have to be done in teams of 2-3 students which are arranged by the instructor in the first lecture.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
Miscellanea The course is limited to 21 students. Therefore an application is necessary. Please register for the course on Digicampus and complete the form:
until 27-Sept-2019 (11:59 pm). We will inform you whether or not you can attend the course.

Note: A participation in more than one computer seminar of the chair (e.g. SIM & OPT) is possible. Completing the provided form once is sufficient.




Wednesday: 12:15 - 15:30, weekly (from 16/10/19)

Course location

FW 2114 CIP

Fields of study


In this seminar the students learn to implement and solve mathematical programming problems using the standard optimizations software IBM ILOG CPLEX. At the end of the module, the students are able to understand the approaches to tackle deterministic planning problems in service operations. Furthermore, the students are able to assess the modeling approaches in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, and to present their findings in class. Finally, they are able to make sound decisions.

The course deals with the following topics:
• Introduction to deterministic linear and integer programming
• Overview of modeling techniques and fundamental problems in service operations
• Formulation of generic models
• Implementation of models with standard software

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