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General information

Course name Kurs: Kurs Project management (english)
Course number CS22-S025
Semester WS 2022/23
Current number of participants 11
maximum number of participants 15
Home institute Career Service
Courses type Kurs in category Teaching
Next date Fri., 25.11.2022 09:00 - 17:30, Room: (BCM 7007)
Participants -Phase 1: 01.-11.07.2022): Course places will be awarded to Students of MNTF and Institute for Informatis (financed)
-Phase 2: 15.- 27.07.2022): Course places will be awarded to all other faculties/institutes. Participation will be charged 30,-€ - more information and invoice will be sent via Mail after awarding of places.
Remaining places will be awarded by Aug. 24.
Performance record confirmation of participation in a course
or required examination see modul manual
Credited with 2 ECTS - depending on module in each module manual for: - Informatik (Ma) - Inf&Multime (Ma) - IngInf (Ba) - Physik (Ba) - MaWi (Ba) - MaSc & Eng. (Ba) - Math.AM (int.Ma) - Wing (Ba)
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Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
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Course location / Course dates

(BCM 7007) Friday. 25.11.22 - Saturday. 26.11.22 09:00 - 17:30


Projects are important at all company aspects and resorts. Essential for success is that all project members know and accept the project goals, plan and their own tasks as well as an efficent project coordination and controlling. Therefore the course trains fundamental concepts of modern project management.

• Basics of Project management
• Project definition
• Project organisation
• Project communication
• Project planning
• Project calculation
• Project risk management
• Project controlling
• Project closing
• Project documentation

Methoden: teacher presentation (in parts), working on a business case in small groups, presenting the business case solution per team at the end, detailled feedback from all attendencies and course leader

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Matthias Menter (Jun.-Prof.), Chair of Business Dynamics, Innovation and Economic Change, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Admission settings

The course is part of admission "Beschränkte Teilnehmendenanzahl: Kurs Project management (english)".
The following rules apply for the admission:
  • A defined number of seats will be assigned to these courses.
    The seats in these courses will be assigned at 25.10.2022, 23:59.
  • The enrolment is possible from 29.08.2022, 00:00 to 24.10.2022, 23:59.