Projektseminar: Cases in Simulation - Details
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Lehrveranstaltung wird als Hybrid/gemischt abgehalten.

General information

Semester SS 2022
Current number of participants 17
Home institute Prof. Dr. Jens Brunner - Health Care Operations / Health Information Management
Courses type Projektseminar in category Teaching
Next date Wed , 29.06.2022 12:15 - 15:30, Room: (CIP 2114)
Participants Homework/Assignment: We will assign a total of approximately 5 problem sets, focused on data analysis and simulation modeling with AnyLogic. Each problem set is designed to build upon the material covered in the preceding lectures. The homework assignments will be prepared by teams consisting of up to three students.
Pre-requisites Basic knowledge in operations management (e.g. BSc course "Produktion und Logistik"), basic knowledge in mathematics (including Linear Programming, e.g. BSc course "Mathematik I + II") and in statistics (probability distributions, e.g. BSc courses "Statistik I + II").
Learning organization All course topics are introduced in the class by a lecture and tutorials. Students solve assignment-sheets in groups of three and can get assistance from a tutor during the week.
Performance record Course assessment consists of the following parts:
• Results of assignment-sheets (as a group)
• Presentation (individually)
• In-class participation (individually)

Since every course is part of the course assignment, it's necessary to be present on each of the six lecture-dates!
Online/Digitale Veranstaltung Veranstaltung wird als Hybrid/gemischt abgehalten.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
Literaturhinweise Banks J, Carson JS, Nelson BL and Nicol DM: Discrete-Event System Simulation, Prentice Hall.
Law A: Simulation Modeling and Analysis, McGraw-Hill.
Latest versions of the books are relevant. Other literature will be announced in the course.
Miscellanea Dear students,
the spots in this course are limited. To apply for one of the spots. please download the application files, fill it out and send it to Alexander Horn (alexander.horn@uni-a.de) including your most recent Studis transcript of records and your CV.
If you want to attend another software class of our chair, please use the same form and indicate, if you want to apply for both but just want to take one class or if you want to apply for both and would like to participate in both classes. Deadline for application is April 27, 2022 11:59 PM
Currently, we are planning to hold the course in the computer labs (CIP-pools) of the University. To stay flexible for any unforeseen upcoming events or in case one of the students has to go in quarantine during the course, we are labeling this course as hybrid version, meaning that we will stream the course via Zoom from the CIP-pool if necessary.
Due to the frequent presentations during the course, we will focus on holding this course offline (CIP Pool). Hybrid (parallel streaming in Zoom) will only be offered in exceptional cases after consultation with the lecturer.
If you plan to work a lot from home and not in the CIP-pool for the homework assignments, it is highly recommended that you have access to a Windows machine. The Mac OS Version may not support all necessary functions thought in this course.
Best, Markus

Course location / Course dates

(CIP 2114) Wednesday: 12:15 - 15:30, fortnightly (6x)
Wednesday: 12:15 - 15:30, fortnightly (5x)

Module assignments


The subject will be taught in English. Students will be exposed to the details of modeling and simulation of discrete event systems using AnyLogic. They will cover the following:

• Modeling of stochastic systems
• Structure of simulation models
• Implementation of simulation models with software
• Evaluation of stochastic systems by analyzing simulation models
• Presentation of core results
• Implementation of models with AnyLogic

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