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General information

Subtitle Ausgrabung in Bostel
Semester SS 2022
Current number of participants 3
Home institute Klassische Archäologie
participating institutes Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte
Courses type Project in category Teaching
Preliminary discussion Mon , 25.04.2022 15:45 - 17:15
First date Mon , 25.04.2022 15:45 - 17:15, Room: (Digital)
Learning organization Praktikum/Projekt/Grabung à 6 LP: Workload = 6LP (entspricht: 180 Stunden)
- 160 Stunden: Teilnahme am Praktikum/Projekt/Grabung
- 20 Stunden: Erstellung bzw. Vorbereitung der Modulprüfungsleistung
Online/Digitale Veranstaltung Veranstaltung wird in Präsenz abgehalten.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
ECTS points 6

Course location / Course dates

(Digital) Monday. 25.04.22 15:45 - 17:15

Module assignments


Expected dates from late August or September 9th to October 9th 2022 (6, 4 or 3 weeks) depending on the ECTS required.
Location: Rotzo (Vicenza) - Asiago Plateau, Italy

Excavation of a Late Iron Age (5th-1st cent. BC) settlement of Raetic culture including houses, connective infrastructures, and craft areas.

Excavation in collaboration with the University of Sassari, under the scientific direction of Dr. Luigi Magnini. It usually hosts students from Italian and UK institutions (Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Padova, Venice, etc...). Main languages Italian/ English/ German.

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