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Subtitle Bitte beachten Sie die Änderung: Der Kurs beginnt in der *ersten* Semesterwoche.
Semester WS 2019/20
Current number of participants 12
maximum number of participants 25
Home institute Amerikanistik
Courses type Advanced seminar in category Teaching
First date Tue , 15.10.2019 15:45 - 17:15, Room: (D, 2122)
Online/Digitale Veranstaltung Veranstaltung wird online/digital abgehalten.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch

Course location / Course dates

(D, 2122) Tuesday: 15:45 - 17:15, weekly (15x)
(D, 3094 (BIB)) Thursday. 07.11.19 14:00 - 15:30

Module assignments


What connects seemingly different topics such as the terror of the Argentinian junta, the dignity of homeless people, the state's dealing with IS-fighters, the constitution of the subject, or questions of political participation? These topics exemplify the range of literary and theoretical adaptions of the Antigone-motif in the past 30 years alone. .Sophocles' tragedy Antigone is one of the probably most-adapted classical plays - across time and across cultural regions, both in literature and political theory. At the basis of the play is a fundamental conflict - between values, understandings of the law, expectations of loyalty and affiliation. In this class, we'll look at a number of anglophone adaptations of Antigone since the early 2000s, asking in what context, by which formal and structural means, and to what effect they take up political and ethical questions. Besides Sophocles' play (in English translation), readings will include literary rewritings and adaptations as well as theoretical texts by Judith Butler, Bonnie Honig, and others.
Students are asked to please get a copy of Anne Carson's play Antigo Nick (2012) and Kamila Shamsie's recent and much-acclaimed novel Home Fire (2017). Additional materials will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

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