Seminar: New Media Marketing: Research (Bachelor) - Details
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General information

Course name Seminar: New Media Marketing: Research (Bachelor)
Semester WS 2022/23
Current number of participants 13
Home institute Prof. Dr. Michael Paul - Value Based Marketing
Courses type Seminar in category Teaching
First date Fri., 28.10.2022 10:15 - 12:45, Room: (J 2101)
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Hauptunterrichtssprache deutsch

Course location / Course dates

(J 2101) Friday. 28.10.22 10:15 - 12:45
Monday. 19.12.22 - Tuesday. 20.12.22 08:15 - 18:00


The seminar "New Media Marketing: Research" aims to provide you with insights into scientific research and with managerial knowledge about a broad selection of topics on new media marketing. Topics for research papers comprise diverse issues on marketing with new media.