Vorlesung + Übung: Advanced Services Marketing - Details
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General information

Course name Vorlesung + Übung: Advanced Services Marketing
Semester WS 2022/23
Current number of participants 69
Home institute Prof. Dr. Michael Paul - Value Based Marketing
Courses type Vorlesung + Übung in category Teaching
First date Mon., 17.10.2022 08:15 - 08:15, Room: (online)
Online/Digitale Veranstaltung Veranstaltung wird in Präsenz abgehalten.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch

Course location / Course dates

(online) Monday: 08:15 - 08:15, weekly (1x)
Wednesday: 18:00 - 18:00, weekly (11x)
Wednesday. 25.01.23 10:00 - 11:30
(J 2105) Wednesday: 08:15 - 11:30, weekly (12x)


- Introduction to services marketing
- Experimentation in services marketing
- Managing employees I: Importance of employees in service delivery
- Managing employees II: Organizational-level determinants (e.g., service climate)
- Managing employees III: Team-level determinants (e.g., leadership)
- Managing employees IV: Employee-level determinants (e.g., emotional display & labor)
- Managing employees V: Measuring employee performance
- Managing customers I: Importance of customers in service delivery
- Managing customers II: Integration of customers in service delivery
- Managing customers III: Customer and organizational outcomes