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Subtitle Lehrauftrag E. Barth/ Blockseminar
Course number 022 100 0080
Semester SS 2022
Current number of participants 19
maximum number of participants 30
Home institute Amerikanistik
Courses type Exercises in category Teaching
First date Sat , 14.05.2022 09:00 - 17:00, Room: (D, 1003)
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Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
Literaturhinweise Select Bibliography
(all materials will be provided)

Darnton, Robert. “What Is the History of Books?” Daedalus, 111.3 (1982), pp. 65-83.
Enszer, Julie R. “‘Fighting to Create and Maintain Our Own Black Women’s Culture’: Conditions Magazine, 1977-1990.” American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism, 25.2 (2015), pp. 160-176.
Evans, Sara M. Tidal Wave: How Women Changed America at Century's End. New York: Free Press, 2003.
Harker, Jaime and Celia Konchar Farr, eds. This Book Is an Action: Feminist Print Culture and Activist Aesthetics. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2015.
Hogan, Kristen. “Women’s Studies in Feminist Bookstores: ‘All the Women’s Studies Women Would Come In’.” Signs, 33.3 (2008), pp. 595-621.
Kline, Wendy. “‘Please Include This in Your Book’: Readers Respond to ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’.” Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 79.1 (2005), pp. 81-110.
Murray, Simone. Introduction to Contemporary Print Culture: Books as Media. London: Routledge, 2021.
ECTS points 4

Course location / Course dates

(D, 1003) Saturday. 14.05.22 - Sunday. 15.05.22, Saturday. 04.06.22 09:00 - 17:00
(D, 2005) Friday. 03.06.22 09:00 - 17:00

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Second-Wave Feminist Print Culture in America
Ellen Barth

In the words of Laurel Forster: “The significance of the printed word to the Women’s Liberation Movement […] can hardly be overstated” (2016). In this course, students will explore second-wave feminist print culture in America (ca. 1960s to 1980s), looking at the books, magazines, comics, and ephemera that helped shape this historical moment. Robert Darnton’s Communications Circuit will be used as a guiding model throughout the course to place these productions within a holistic model of the book in society, as they move from author to bookseller to reader. In addition to reading selections from primary source works, such as The Feminine Mystique and Sisterhood is Powerful, students will also be asked to perform print culture analyses that consider the production, distribution, and reception behind these texts, in order to understand how feminist print culture was used to spread messages, share experiences, raise awareness, imagine a different kind of society, and advocate for change.

All required readings will be made available to students.

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