Lecture: Dielectric Materials - Details
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General information

Course name Lecture: Dielectric Materials
Subtitle virtual lecture
Course number PHM-0253
Semester SS 2020
Current number of participants 9
Home institute Lehrstuhl für Experimentalphysik V
Courses type Lecture in category Teaching
Type/Form Lecture
Pre-requisites Basic knowledge of solid state physics
Learning organisation Students know the fundamentals of electromagnetic wave propagation and have a sound background for a broad spectrum of dielectric phenomena. They are able to analyze materials requirements and have the competence to select materials for different kinds of applications.
Performance record Oral talk of 45 min
Online/Digitale Veranstaltung Veranstaltung wird online/digital abgehalten.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
ECTS points 6

Rooms and times



- Experimental techniques: quantities, broadband dielectric spectroscopy, nonlinear and polarization measurements
- Dynamic processes in dielectric materials: relaxation processes, phenomenological models
- Dielectric properties of disordered matter: liquids, glasses, plastic crystals
- Charge transport: hopping conductivity, universal dielectric response
- Ionic conductivity: conductivity mechanism, dielectric properties, advanced electrolytes for energy-storage devices
- Maxwell-Wagner relaxations: equivalent-circuits, applications (supercapacitors), colossal-dielectric-constant materials
- Electroceramics: Materials, Properties (relaxor ferroelectric, ferroelectric, antiferroelectric and multiferroic), Applications

Admission settings

The course is part of admission "Zeitgesteuerte Anmeldung: Dielectric Materials".
The following rules apply for the admission:
  • The enrolment is possible until 23.04.2020, 15:19.