Advanced seminar: Critical Age Studies - Details
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General information

Course number 021 100 0006
Semester SS 2021
Current number of participants 10
maximum number of participants 25
Home institute Amerikanistik
Courses type Advanced seminar in category Teaching
First date Thu , 15.04.2021 10:15 - 11:45
Pre-requisites You should have an interest in reading, working through (challenging) texts and having discussions about age / aging with your fellow students. Sometimes we take classes simply because they fit our schedule, fair enough. But ask yourself - what interests me in this course / about this topic? If you think about your expectations and your goals for yourself (like: take part in discussions more, take notes when I read a secondary text etc) then you can gain much more from being part of it than if you simply let it happen to you.
Online/Digitale Veranstaltung Veranstaltung wird online/digital abgehalten.
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
Literaturhinweise We will read a novel, either Suzette Mayr's _The Widows_ or Leonora Carrington's _The Hearing Trumpet_ but you will get to vote on which one we will read. Therefore, please read blurbs online so you know what the works are about but don't buy the books yet.
You will also have to choose and rent / or buy a film on aging as part of the course. Again there will be a range of choices.

Course location / Course dates

n.a Thursday: 10:15 - 11:45, weekly

Module assignments


Frequently we regard age as a biological category, but like gender, race, and class, age is a significant factor of human identity and social interactio. Age Studies scholar Margaret Gullette argues that more than by biological processes people are ”aged by culture” because “our narratives [of age] become our virtual realities” (11-12). But neither aging nor our ideas of what it means to grow older suddenly set in when we hit age fifty, or when we hit retirement age. Discourses of age and aging are with us at every turn and they are highly significant in shaping our ideas of the life course, our futures, our identities, ideas of what counts as important milestones in our lives as well as larger societal concepts such as family, gender, success, and heritage.

Moreover, these cultural narratives of age and aging are gaining significance as the world’s population is aging while America especially continues to be “obsessed with never growing old” (Psychology Today).In this class we will explore discourses of age and aging in non-fiction, fiction & film and examine how they proliferate, negotiate and also shape cultural narratives of age and aging throughout the life course as well as following up on the question what might be gained from acquiring a critical awareness of age and aging as cultural categories.

Literatur: We will choose literature together in the first sessions.
This course will take on literary and cultural studies perspectives - so in additions to literary text such as novels & short stories you will also have to read a number of secondary texts. Please prepare these texts for each week before the respective course sessions, so that we can discuss them and answer questions that come up together.

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