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Seminar: What does it mean to live in a Digital World? Philosophical and Technological Challenges for our society - Details

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What does it mean to live in a Digital World? Philosophical and Technological Challenges for our society

General information

Course number 014
Semester WS 2018/19
Home institute Philosophie mit Schwerpunkt analytische Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie
participating institutes Philosophie
Courses type Seminar in category Teaching
First appointment Thu , 15.11.2018 19:15 - 20:45, Room: 2105 Gebäude D
Hauptunterrichtssprache englisch
Literaturhinweise Literatur: Wird noch bekanntgegeben.
Miscellanea - Nebenfachmodul/Pool (Einzelnachweise durch Schein):
BacMath 710, BacInfo 835, MaMath 712

- Weitere Zuordnungen:
Magister, D Pol, D Phy, D Info, D Math, EF Ethik, EF Philosophie/Ethik



Appointments on Thursday. 15.11. 19:15 - 20:45, Friday. 16.11. - Saturday. 17.11. 09:30 - 18:30, Room: 2105 Gebäude D, 2117 Gebäude D

Course location

2105 Gebäude D Thursday. 15.11. 19:15 - 20:45
2117 Gebäude D Friday. 16.11. - Saturday. 17.11. 09:30 - 18:30

Fields of study


What does it mean to live in a Digital World? Philosophical and Technological Challenges for our society (Seminar mit Sebastian Krebs)
For one weekend, we want to mingle students from CODE University of Applied Sciences and the University of Augsburg philosophy department. In an intensive workshop, we will learn what it means to critically reflect on what technology is and discuss the challenges technology puts onto our society. We will be introduced into “philosophy of technology” as an academic discipline. We will study the works of technological geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei as well as the works of great philosophers of technology like Aristotle and Francis Bacon. We will also talk about more recent developments like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Transhumanism and Human-computer interaction, and look forward to three intensive days of philosophy of technology in a truly interdisciplinary environment!


We expect participants to give a short presentation on a topic from our prospective topics list and to take the lead of the successive discussion. Please send us your anticipated presentations until DEADLINE via e-mail. Your own topic suggestions are also highly-appreciated!

Our list of prospective topics comes with a huge reading list. Though we can strongly recommend all of the books and papers on this list, we do not expect that you prepare all of them for our workshop. This means for your presentations that probably not everybody has read the texts relevant for your topic. This also means that you are most welcome to choose a few short, but important paragraphs on your topic to distribute in the seminar, so we can read and discuss them together.

Please sign up for your topic (list of topics: "Dateien" -> "Allgemeiner Dateiordner") until October 30:

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