Seminar: Caught in the Minority Trap?! Restructuring the State in the Wake of Nationalist Minority Mobilization - Details
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This introductory seminar must be seen as an attempt to bring two theoretical discussions together: On the one hand the debate around regionalist mobilization and on the other hand the debate around issues of regional autonomy and - more specifically - around federalism.

In the first few sessions, we are going to deal shortly with some main texts about state and nation building, about how political cleavages evolved over time, and about how they gained political salience. In the second part of the course, we will focus on some scholars that try to explain the emergence of regionalist parties which have to be seen as an anachronism from the perspective of modernization theory. In a last section, we will focus on the debate around federalism and the means and ends of federalism and federal structures. Are “federations” able to accommodate regionalist demands in order to avoid the breakup of existing states?

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