Exercises: American Literature and Culture, 1800-1865 - Details
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Course number 021 100 0013
Semester SS 2021
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Home institute Amerikanistik
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First date Fri , 16.04.2021 12:15 - 13:45
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n.a Friday: 12:15 - 13:45, weekly

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A turbulent period of high hopes and bitter grievances, soaring aspirations and long-lasting conflicts, the "long first half" of the 19th century proved a formative as well as a challenging time for the still-young United States of America. Among the momentous changes it witnessed were shifting borders, rapid technological innovations and also, not least importantly, the emergence of a whole series of political and cultural reform movements that addressed issues ranging from slavery to women's rights, and from experiences of spiritual revival to questions of how to live a good life. Politically, the tensions building up in this period culminated in the American Civil War; culturally, they seem to have functioned as a remarkable stimulus to literary creativity and self-expression.

This course will trace key aspects of the cultural and literary history of the United States during those years, offering an overview of important issues, tendencies, and debates of the time. The course will be held as an online-learning course. Participants will be required to complete weekly reading and writing assignments; more detailed information on its organization will be made available in due time.

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